Mohammad Siddiquee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance
Department of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management  
Mount Saint Vincent University
McCain Centre, 406E
51 Lumpkin Road Halifax NS B3M 2J6

Education: Ph.D. (UNB, 2017), MBA (UNB, 2012)
Research interests: Value investing, Behavioral finance
Teaching interests: Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Investments, Value Investing, Personal Finance 

Refereed publications:
  • Siddiquee, M. (2022). Benjamin Graham and the Evolution of Value Investing. History of Economic Ideas, 2022(3), 81-103. DOI: 10.19272/202206103004 (ABDC: B)
  • Otuteye, E., & Siddiquee, M. (2020). Underperformance of Actively Managed Portfolios: Some Behavioral Insights. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 21(3), 284-300 DOI: (ABDC: A)
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  • Otuteye, E., & Siddiquee, M. (2015). Redefining Risk and Return in Common Stock from a Value Investing Perspective: Some Tenable Propositions. Brandes Institute Paper
  • Otuteye, E., & Siddiquee, M. (2013). Examining The Performance of a Value Investing Heuristic: Evidence From The S&P/TSX 60 From 2001-2011. Journal of Business Economics & Finance, 2(4), 67-81
  • Mitra, D., & Siddiquee, M. (2013). Measuring Efficiency of the Banking Industry Before and After the Recent Financial Crisis: Some International Evidence. International Journal of Accounting and Finance, 4(2), 143-167 DOI: (ABDC: C)

  • Siddiquee, M. (2023). Mungerisms: Transcripts of the Daily Journal Corp. (DJCO) Annual Shareholders Meetings, 2015-2023. Kindle Direct Publishing  
  • Otuteye, E., & Siddiquee, M. (Eds.). (2020). Readings in Value Investing, Volume 1: Foundations of Value Investing. XanEdu